You have thought about creating a blog, you may have even spent countless hours trying to figure out “how to create a blog”

Now it’s time to take action.

Whether you are planning to use your blog as an extension of your business, a complete website, or for  Internet marketing…you will finally be able to dig your heels in and get started with our free blog set up.

Follow the steps outlined below and within 24 hours (usually less) you will be ready to make money blogging. You will have your own domain name and a fully functional, SEO optimized blog (a mini website) ready to go.

Step 1: You’ll Need A Place to Host Your New Blog & Your Own Dot Com Name

You will need your own domain name and hosting.  It’s your little piece of web real estate.

There are quite a few options for hosting, but we suggest:

Hostmonster is one of the fastest growing web hosting companies in the United States. They are a big company with a small company feel. Their hosting packages have tons of free features that cost extra at other hosting sites.  I have over 30 domains and sites hosted with them, and have never waited more than 2 minutes to speak with someone for service.  They offer live help via phone, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The best thing about Hostmonster is your ability to pay one price and host as many sites as you’d like. If you are planning an online business, this is important. You’ll be able to host numerous blogs and dot com sites without paying one extra dime.

I have over 10 blogs with hostmonster, all completely separate from each other and I pay one yearly fee, that’s all… It’s awesome!

Step 2: Email Your Confirmation to Me & We Will Get Started!

Email me the confirmation you received from to If you receive several emails, please only send the one that includes your domain name, log-in name and password.  Of course you can change all this later – but I need it to actually build and install your blog.

Step 3: I Build Your Blog and Install TEN Plugins While You Relax!

Also send me  the exact email address you would like me to set up on your new WordPress Blog.  For example:  In that same email, I need to know what Theme you have purchased through my website.  I can install any theme that you have purchased off of my site. If there is a theme that you want and I don’t have it available, please email me and I will get it for you.

Thesis is by far the most versatile and easiest theme to customize to suit your needs. I would recommend Thesis to anyone who is starting a personal or business blog because it is already SEO optimized and ready to be indexed on Google.

If you’d rather use a different theme, links are provided on the right hand column to several different professional theme sites.

Once you decide what you want, I’ll build your Blog in 24 hours or less and email you when it’s ready to go.  By the way…in addition to your Theme, I’ll be installing the following ‘plug-ins’ that will optimize your blog to the max.

AdSense Deluxe – Allows you to easily place Google ads on your page and earn revenue from clicks.

Akismet – Widely regarded for stopping comment spam.

All-In-One SEO Pack – Complete solution to make your site immediately more effective from a Search Optimization perspective.

Google XML SiteMaps – Makes sure your site is mapped properly to be indexed regularly by Google,, Yahoo, and MSN.

WordPress Database Backup – On demand backup of your WordPress Blog.

WordPress Related Posts – Generates and displays related posts so users can find other related posts quickly.

WP – Contact Form – A simple drop in form so users can contact you easily.

WP Super Cache – Very fast caching module for WordPress.

Retweet – So that visitors to your blog can quickly Retweet your article (it’s like a free press release)

Thank you, and please remember to use my link when signing up for HostMonster and your Thesis theme.  They each pay a small commission for the referral, which is why I offer free installation of your blog.

For other options, such as:



Articles and Web Content

Contact me at:

Robin Hale  ||  Partnership Marketing  ||  239-440-6856

*Free setup of WordPress blogs are only available to those who purchase their Hostmonster domain hosting through my affiliate link or purchase a Theme through my link. I will install a free WordPress Theme of your choice only if you have purchased your webhosting through my affliliate link.

Are you ready to set up your custom blog & start to make money blogging? It’s about time!

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business blogThe word of the hour is blogs, blogs, blogs. Many are starting to realize the power that a business blog can bring to your business.

So, why does every business need a blog? First of all, search engines are in love with real blogs. By real blogs I mean blogs that are set-up and run by businesses that offer valuable, fresh content on them. Unfortunately, there are people of individuals who set up fake blogs and fill them with plagiarized, scraped, but keyword rich, content  in an effort to trick the search engines into ranking the content highly. With the time and effort these people put into setting up fake, useless blogs, they could actually offer legitimate services. These types of practices can actually get your blog banned by Google. It’s best to resist the urge to use these practices.

Why Do Search Engines Love Legitimate Blogs? [the whole shebang…]

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How to start a business blogFree download for you! How-to-Start-a-Business-Blog.

At over 80 pages, this is a real, honest-to-goodness book, not some flimsy white paper mislabeled as an ebook.

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blog business bloggingStart Blogging Now says, Lesley Pyle in a recent Entrepreneur Magazine article. Blogs are a marketing tool you can’t afford to ignore.

If you work at home for yourself, whether as a consultant, writer or virtual assistant, you need clients. You already know that marketing is a must. No doubt you’ve heard that blogging is an important part your marketing toolbox. It helps you connect with potential customers, and it allows them to get to know you and your work.

If you haven’t started blogging yet–or if you have but you’re looking for blog inspiration–read the article and then come back and let me set up your blog for free.

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Entrepreneurship: How to Build a Foundation that is Beyond the Possibility of Failure

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Has your business taken a recent turn? Did your world get shaken up a bit when this whole economy thing happened? Mine did. I’ve always been a freelance writer. But it wasn’t my sole source of income until quite recently. The economy shook up my business, which had been my main source of income for […]

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I’ve received a few emails recently from individuals who need help getting their business blog off the ground. Somewhere in the email the word “time” is inevitably mentioned. Most of my emails come from work from home moms, who I can tell just by the quality of writing in their e-mail, could do fabulously well […]

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Are You an Affiliate Blogger? I Have a Content Maintenance Special for You!

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Instead of wasting your time with several different freelancers, let CBFF put together a Monthly Web Content Package tailored to your exact needs. Whether your website is based on affiliate products, eBook sales, or another type of niche market, we can take the headache out of content management. Here are a few examples of what […]

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Eight Reasons You Need A Blog NOW!

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Yes, social marketing tools such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube should have a strong place in your marketing arsenal–but without a blog, you really don’t have a highly functional and dedicated piece of web real estate to lead your potential clients to. A blog is, by far, the most effective personal branding tool for […]

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There’s No Place Like Home: How to Create a Home Page that Rocks

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Although your home page may not be the initial entrance point for visitors to your website, it absolutely must be the page that tells the story of what your site is all about. If your home page leaves visitors confused or frustrated, they probably won’t return. Revisit your home page often and try to look […]

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Blogs vs. Traditional Websites

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Have Blogs Brought an End to Conventional Websites? According to Problogger, one of the most highly respected (and best paid) bloggers of our time, the answer is, Yes. “…Blogs are cheap, easy, efficient, wildly easy to find on the Internet,  marketing-friendly, and just plain fun. They run circles around websites.”

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